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Many would say that in sports, in life, and in business, learning the rules, agreeing on the rules, and applying those rules most effectively are crucial advantages in achieving your objectives. This advice is particularly true as it relates to Supply Chain Consulting. At ChainSequence®, we teach your business the proven, best-practice rules of supply chain engineering science, as well as how to best leverage these principles when planning, re-aligning, or re-engineering your enterprise’s supply chain processes.

While some form of traditional supply chain planning exists in all organizations, in many cases these processes focus only on the short-term execution horizon. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) can provide an invaluable, rigorously scheduled “wellness check” on an enterprise’s operational and organizational health that uses data-driven analytics and forecasting tools to achieve a more beneficial, long-term view.

Developing the right supply chain and S&OP planning business process takes considerable time and effort—once it’s deployed, the end result should clearly represent that intended plan, and by extension, an upward direction for your business. Our Process-to-System Integration services will help your business eliminate as many unexpected variables as possible to ensure a smooth transition from old methodologies to new business processes that will best support your organization’s business objectives and financial goals.

We offer a unique approach to solving your supply chain issues and recognize that a single solution will not solve all of our clients’ problems in the same manner. Each organization’s business is unique to them and a cookie cutter approach will just not work. See how we approach each of our supply chain projects.

We offer a complete set of services to improve your supply chain. Whether you need to focus on a single specific issue, or want to re-tool your entire end-to-end process, we can offer you a solution that will work for you. See the supply chain services that we offer.

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