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ChainSequence views our work with our clients as a partnership, in which we engage client teams both at the executive management level and at the project team level. As your partner, the ultimate goal isn’t to just provide your enterprise with a solution. Our goal is provide a strategic, educational approach that lifts all boats in terms of understanding how to improve your supply, demand, and order management, process-to-system integration, and S&OP planning capabilities. This gives your organizations the forward-thinking tools and training it will require to effectively respond to shifting market requirements on its own.

Our client partnerships have greatly increased our clients’ ability to effectively forecast advances in technology production and meet changing market demands.

We have been significant players in several Global Business Transformation Projects focused on integrating the supply chain planning processes of international manufacturers. Our projects typically involved working with international teams located in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. Please see a sampling of our client partners:


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