About Us

Our Approach

At ChainSequence®, we have always held to the principle that business is a marathon, not a sprint. More than ever before in today’s global marketplace, running a successful business has evolved into a continuous race. Enterprises that put in the hard work to become more fit from a business process perspective—developing nimble, efficient processes that can go the distance in terms of sales, operations, and supply chain consulting practices—are the companies that stand the best chance of winning.

Since 1995, the leaders of ChainSequence®, Inc. have focused on providing best-in-class Supply Chain planning and Sales and Operations planning (S&OP) improvements for a multitude of international Fortune 100 companies. Our client organizations, which span numerous industries—including the manufacturing, retail and healthcare fields—have reaped lasting benefits from ChainSequence’s® leading subject matter expertise and facilitation skills in guiding clients toward long-term operational efficiencies and ROI.

ChainSequence® views our work with our clients as a partnership, in which we engage client teams both at the executive management level and at the project team level. As your partner, the ultimate goal isn’t to just provide your enterprise with a solution. Our goal is to provide a strategic, educational approach that lifts all boats in terms of understanding how to improve your supply, demand, and order management, process-to-system integration, and S&OP planning capabilities.

Many of our client partners have global enterprises, with facilities all over the globe. Our services focus on the integration of all moving parts from an Enterprise Resource Planning perspective. Toward that end, our team is highly experienced in bringing together multi-national business units in order to facilitate dialog and consensus, in which each group has a voice. Our international expertise in developing solutions within diverse business and geographic cultures has resulted in transformative improvements on behalf of our clients.

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