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Supply Chain Planning Approach

ChainSequence® does not engage in the traditional “consultants by the busload” approach. Simply put, ChainSequence facilitates change, with industry-leading expertise in Supply Chain/S&OP planning solutions to back it up. Our objective is not to create volumes of fancy charts, but to impart a well-designed and consistent business process. We quickly assimilate into your environment, listen to your goals, and build consensus among divergent groups to define a supply chain and/or S&OP planning process that is right for you.

ChainSequence® doesn’t adhere to textbooks, system manuals, or one-size-fits-all products that can limit our clients’ options. Instead, we offer a fresh perspective toward re-engineering outdated supply chain methodologies and resolving persistent challenges. In fact, we ourselves have written the many system requirement documents required to support business processes being implemented on behalf of our client groups. Because we have worked with most of the major business software applications involving the automation of supply chain planning, our progressive approach provides custom process solutions based on your unique needs.


At ChainSequence®, we have always held to the principle that business is a marathon, not a sprint. More than ever before in today’s global marketplace, running a successful business has become a continuous race. Enterprises that put in the hard work to become more fit from a business process perspective—developing nimble, efficient processes that can go the distance in terms of sales, operations, and supply chain practices—are the companies that stand the best chance of winning.

Since 1995, the leaders of ChainSequence® have continued to help businesses successfully prepare for and run that race. Our comprehensive services go way above and beyond typical cookie-cutter solutions, leveraging proven expertise and over twenty years of experience in planning, designing, and implementing more advanced business processes that measurably improve our client organizations’ ability to integrate supply chain processes with sales and operations goals. ChainSequence’s Supply Chain Planning and S&OP services can give your business the forward-thinking tools and training it requires to better compete and effectively respond to ever-shifting supply chain requirements, increased client demand, and fluctuating market changes.

Key Elements of our approach:

  • Inject a small number of consultants on any given project, with the ability to add or subtract personnel resources as required to meet deadlines and maintain cost-effectiveness;
  • Utilize a well-proven team structure primarily staffed by the client’s knowledgeable opinion leaders;
  • Embed consultant into client’s chosen team, with an objective toward invaluable knowledge-transfer;
  • Maintain team project focus and provide continuous coordination;
  • Assist in developing required documentation;
  • Assist in employee training as required;
  • Support the implementation as required by the client.
  • Partnerships through Collaboration

  • Effective Change Management

  • Cost-effective Solutions


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