Process-to-System Integrations

Implementing the systems and technology required to bring your planning efforts to life will provide much needed automation and speed to a new process. However, speed and automation should never come at the expense of reliability, quality, and adherence to rigorously tested, best-practice rules your business teams have worked so hard to develop.

Developing the right supply chain and S&OP planning business process takes considerable time and effort—once it’s deployed, the end result should clearly represent that intended plan, and by extension, an upward direction for your business. Our Process-to-System Integration services will help your business eliminate as many unexpected variables as possible to ensure a smooth transition from old methodologies to new business processes that will best support your organization’s business objectives and financial goals.

Many times during the implementation phase of a project—particularly when existing architectures are involved—unexpected events, last-minute resistance, or even recommendations for shortcuts can be virtually guaranteed. ChainSequence’s Process-to-System Integration services provide your client teams with the strong support, documentation, and expertise they will need to best reinforce the planning effort while maintaining the integrity of the process design.

A key lesson learned from over twenty years of experience in Supply Chain and S&OP planning is that deviating from a well-developed, thoughtful approach in the interest of saving time or money will only deliver a bad result faster. ChainSequence’s Process-to-System Integration services will help safeguard your new planning process—the driving factor that will provide the best performance results—through intellectual support, experience with many software specialists/installations, and the tenacity to see your deployment through to successful completion.

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  • People / Organization

    Identify the key stakeholders from the business community and ensure they are actively engaged in the process.

  • Business Process

    Define a business process with the business community, that will best achieve the organization’s business goals and financial objectives.

  • Systems

    Coordinate system configuration with both internal and external technical teams that best adheres to the defined business process.

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