Global Supply Chain Consultants and S&OP Consultants

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S&OP Consulting

A robust, disciplined Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) program provides invaluable “wellness checks” on your operational and organizational health. Working in concert with traditional Supply Chain Planning consulting practices that utilize data analytics tools and financial information, we help your business gain insights and measure progress to help maintain focus, alignment, and synchronization among all business units.

Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain networks are more complex and challenging than ever before. ChainSequence® comprehensive Supply Chain consulting services go way above and beyond typical cookie-cutter solutions, leveraging proven expertise and over twenty years of experience in planning, designing, and implementing more advanced business processes. The Result – A true “end-to-end” business strategy that integrates Supply Chain Planning processes with Sales and Operations goals.

Our Mission

Committed to helping enterprises identify challenges, create innovative solutions, and implement lasting improvements in Supply Chain processes to advance Sales & Operations goals.

Engaging with senior leadership to architect solutions at a strategic level, and then “laying the pipes” to deploy solutions at an operational level, we help your business establish and sustain the crucial relationship between Supply Chain Planning and S&OP efforts. ChainSequence’s superior approach enables proficient internal teams that can develop their own repeatable gains long after a project is over.

When it comes to expertise in the complex moving parts, rules, and practices that govern Supply Chain Planning and S&OP, ChainSequence is in a different league altogether. Employing a knowledge-share philosophy that goes far beyond typical consultant-generalists, our goal is to 1) develop a unified strategic vision; 2) align all mutually dependent internal organizations to achieve end-to-end integration; and 3) enable a forward-looking view beyond your current environment.

Our international expertise in developing solutions within diverse business and geographic cultures continues to help our global client partners achieve lasting improvements. ChainSequence Supply Chain consultants and S&OP consultants are highly experienced in bringing together cross-functional, multi-national teams, facilitating dialog and consensus so each group has a voice and is invested in positive outcomes.

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