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Supply Chain Planning Education Program

Have you recently looked outside of your own internal operations to learn what other supply chain organizations are doing?

Supply chain operations have been running in your organization for many years without change, and the general nature of the business seems to be chaotic. Overall, management feels your organization’s processes are running fairly well. But are they really? Would you consider your processes as best-in class?

Are you looking for potential changes to regain control of cumbersome processes?

Managing demand has always been a cumbersome process. This issue generally results in forecast inaccuracy. Evaluating and chasing conflicting priorities are occurring on a daily basis. There are many sources of demand, but how do you manage all of these inputs? Are your market strategies effectively being executed?

How will your business launch a supply chain initiative on business process re-design or implement new software to support it?

There are many considerations to take into account. Do you know where to start? Is your intended process based on sound design principles? Will you be able to control the change management required to implement such an initiative?
Today’s unpredictable global marketplace makes supply chain systems much more complicated to quantify and control. For many organizations, this creates new, uphill-both-ways challenges in supply vs. demand that require education and training in the art and science of best-practice supply chain planning. For business teams that don’t have the in-house resources or in-depth expertise in supply chain planning, ChainSequence offers facilitated training sessions to help companies understand all the moving parts that must work together to achieve and manage a truly functional supply chain system.

The business processes required to support these complex marketplaces and networks should be continually reviewed to ensure that your operations are running as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, doing this requires specific knowledge and skill sets. ChainSequence’s Supply Chain Education and Training Sessions have long-term value for those businesses that have one or more of the following concerns: 1) diverse sourcing networks that continue to grow worldwide; 2) professional staff that are not proficient or experienced in evaluating current processes/internal operations against best-practice rules or against what other successful firms are doing; and 3) sound financial or long-term ROI benefits to developing in-house proficiency to make common-sense, cost-effective improvements on your own.

Whether you’re a mid- to large-size organization, or a smaller sub-contracted manufacturer, ChainSequence’s interactive education and training sessions will provide you with an excellent overview of the information necessary to support these scenarios.

Typical Program Topics:

  • Introductions, Objectives and Agenda Review
  • Corporate Objectives Review
  • Current Supply Chain Planning Process Review
  • Supply Chain Planning Process Best-Practices Overview
  • Demand Management
  • Supply Management
  • Demand / Supply Alignment
  • Order Management
  • Key Metrics Review
  • Preliminary Recommendations Review
    (A formal report to be presented after the session)

Program Benefits:

  • Awareness of components needed to execute a best-in-class global supply chain, from forecasting to customer delivery
  • Recommended alternative solutions to some of the key issues you may be facing today
  • Synchronization of project(s) as currently defined, for better implementation prioritization and alignment of business processes with systems
  • Preliminary integrated view of planning and execution processes and systems landscape
  • Insight into future project focus
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ChainSequence's Supply Chain Planning Program

This program is conducted on-site at your facility. The audience is exclusively comprised of members from your organization, allowing for a personalized delivery and discreet discussion of the key issues that you may be facing.

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