Bill Mrzlak

Founder, President
& Managing Partner


Value Delivered

Since 1995, the leaders of ChainSequence®, Inc. have focused on providing best-in-class Supply Chain planning and Sales and Operations planning improvements for a multitude of international Fortune 100 companies. Our client organizations, which span numerous industries—including the manufacturing, retail and healthcare fields—have reaped lasting benefits from ChainSequence’s® leading subject matter expertise and facilitation skills in guiding clients toward long-term operational efficiencies and ROI.

Bill Mrzlak is co-founder and managing partner of ChainSequence®, Inc., with over 25 years of experience leading teams in driving the development and optimization of best-in-class supply chain planning organizations and processes in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His specialization is in the area of business process re-engineering through facilitated sessions, as well as managing systems development and project deployments.

Bill and his teams possess a sterling reputation in the industry for guiding client groups toward getting to the heart of what’s really holding their enterprises back. The goal is to help businesses learn and facilitate a clear path for developing the most appropriate solutions going forward. Many professionals who have moved on to new positions within other organizations continue to seek out Bill’s advice and counsel for two very important reasons: 1) he is able to relate to executive stakeholders, understanding the importance for management to develop consensus and buy-in on the big-picture attributes of enterprise resource planning; and 2) he rolls up his sleeves to mentor and help designated core groups better understand the technical, nuts-and-bolts logic behind supply chain and S&OP business process improvement initiatives.

Bill’s mission, as ChainSequence’s® leader, is to impart instrumental knowledge to help his clients succeed long after the work is finished.

John Mink

Executive Consultant


Value Delivered

John Mink brings over thirty years of leadership experience in product management and supply chain planning. With a keen focus on advancing constructive business outcomes, John is highly skilled in motivating and leading teams to align large, cross-functional organizations toward improvement while balancing revenue, costs, and trade working capital.

John has extensive end-to-end experience in supply chain which begins and ends with the value proposition to the customer. He has led the transformation of supply chains in a wide range of industries, driving significant overall cost improvements while advancing the need for agility. As an expert in Integrated Business Planning (IBP), John’s proven success stems from adherence to fundamental supply chain principles that will separate his client customer from its competitors, thus improving opportunities for garnering more profitable revenue streams.

John is also versed in both Oracle-based and SAP ERPs, and he has successfully led several supply chain integration efforts with both systems. John takes into consideration investments already made, seeking practical solutions within these systems prior to investing in supplemental tools and services.

John’s creed is “build bridges, not walls,” which he believes is the central element in enabling business improvement and sustainability.

Honors and Awards