S&OP Education Program

ChainSequence’s Education and Training sessions that focus on best-practice rules in Sales and Operations planning were developed as a data analysis-based companion service to our Supply Chain Training sessions. For organizations that want to better understand how more careful, periodic sales and operations review, analysis and benchmarking can positively impact the bottom line.

Because every business is different, our S&OP facilitation teams take the time to learn more about your business, your mission and goals, and work with you to better understand and develop a clear roadmap to guide your business in developing new or creating better standard practices, and then adhering to those new processes. Our goal is to help you jumpstart your sales and operations planning initiatives, with examples and what-if scenarios that won’t deplete resources or operating budgets.

My team is relatively new and their knowledge of S&OP varies widely from team member to team member.

The ChainSequence S&OP program is a great way to get alignment across your team, establish a common understanding of the process, and begin to develop an approach to an S&OP process that is right for your organization.

The S&OP process is a very formal and rigid process that won't work in our very volatile environment

The S&OP process looks out beyond the execution horizon to provide better visibility into potential issues, identify the necessary corrective action, and mitigate risk to your organization.

The executives at my organization are very busy and don't have the time to participate in an S&OP process?

Organization-wide participation in the S&OP process is critical to it’s success and ultimate prosperity of the organization. Learn how to define a process that is right for your organization and its executives.

I already have a supply chain planning process in place that is working. Why do I need S&OP?

An organization needs both processes in order to achieve success. Whereas supply chain planning focuses more on the near-term execution window, S&OP or IBP looks out into the strategic horizon where there is still runway to execute a strategy to support your goals, and you will learn how.

Typical Education Topics:

ChainSequence's S&OP Education Program

This program is conducted on-site at your facility. The audience is exclusively comprised of members from your organization, allowing for a personalized delivery and discreet discussion of the key issues that you may be facing.

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