Supply Chain Analytics Trends To Watch In 2021 Webinar

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Supply chain software is being taken apart and put back together again. Join Expero’s supply chain and analytics teams to talk about the trends we see across the industry that are accelerating in 2021, from continued disruption and uncertainty to innovation and digital transformation.


Geopolitics and Economic Stimulus: Manufacturing moves back to the Americas and further investment pours into green energy and transportation.

Visibility: Enhanced end-to-end visibility map flows through the entire supply chain to improve agility.

Analytics: Technologies plug-in to automate decision making.

Serialization: Chain of custody tracking is more important than ever.

Data Products: AI/ML has been the buzz for years, but the ease with which they can be integrated through data products is changing rapidly.

Explainable AI: Before that AI helps you, shouldn’t you know what it’s thinking?

Supply Chain Process Trends: Key focus areas for 2021.

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