Capacity Modeling Against Erratic Demand Webinar

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Even with a good forecast, a customer’s prerogative to change their demand is always present in a volatile, fluctuating marketplace. When events occur that are completely outside your preview or control, and demand mix and volumes change, is your enterprise capable of supporting the new demand? Does your business know if long term capital investments are needed to support future demand?

The capability to quickly constrain a demand plan based on capacity is critical to being responsive to market demand. In this webinar, our experts will present the case for developing a more responsive supply chain by employing best practices and machine learning in capacity modeling.


Avoid the pitfalls of this ask-answer scenario: “Tell me what you want and I’ll tell you what I can make, and when the demand changes, ask me again and I’ll get back to you.”

Define a fungible capacity model that can provide a rough-cut plan based on capacity of machines/tools, labor, warehouse space, transportation lanes, or any other pinch-point that could prohibit your organization from delivering your product or service.

Learn key concepts in designing a capacity model that can provide a mix-sensitive, fungible representation of your capability to deliver a product or provide a service.

Effective strategies for presenting this information in ways that are most meaningful to each of your internal stakeholder organizations impacted by this process, i.e., Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, and Customer Service.

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