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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

While some form of traditional supply chain planning exists in all organizations, in many cases these processes focus only on the short-term execution horizon. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) can provide an invaluable, rigorously scheduled “wellness check” on an enterprise’s operational and organizational health that uses data-driven analytics and forecasting tools to achieve a more beneficial, long-term view.

ChainSequence’s S&OP planning services work in concert with traditional supply chain planning practices,complementing them with additional data-driven tools and information that allows your business to gain insights and measure progress to help maintain focus, alignment and synchronization among all of your business units. Data can include but isn’t limited to sales, production, and inventory planning, customer lead time planning, and new product development, as well as strategic and financial planning. These elements all focus on the strategic horizon where change can still be made to positively impact execution.

While the concept of S&OP planning is certainly not new, developing an effective S&OP process takes time. ChainSequence also understands that S&OP Planning depends on periodic review and updates which can be critical to the success of an organization’s ability to achieve its long term strategic goals. Our team does its due diligence to ensure that appropriate S&OP planning further enables effective supply chain management for your organization. Whether you’re looking to implement a new process, or improve the one you may already have in place, the ChainSequence team has the experience to take you through the journey.

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