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Chicago, IL- October 31, 2019

ChainSequence’s Bill Mrzlak Shares Supply Chain Planning and S&OP Principles in Interview for The Daily Telegraph’s Business Reporter.

Global supply chain/sales and operations planning consultants ChainSequence confirmed its President, Bill Mrzlak, was part of a group of leading supply chain practitioners recently interviewed by the Business Reporter for its “The Future of Supply Chain” information campaign launched in early October. Business Reporter is the online business and management resource for The Daily Telegraph news organization located in the United Kingdom.

Mrzlak’s discussion with Business Reporter host Alistair Greener focused on ways organizations can better balance their supply chain processes with sales and operations planning goals in today’s fast-moving, global economy. Mrzlak addressed how his teams assimilate into client environments to create order out of chaos and help staff resolve persistent supply chain constraints and various issues concerning client prioritization, product segmentation, and inventory optimization, among other topics. During the segment, Mrzlak weighed in on the debate concerning whether people, process, or technology has more impact on the success or failure of a given solution, asserting, “It’s people, collaboratively working together toward common strategic goals…technology can enable a solution, but it’s not the solution itself.”

The Business Reporter also partnered with ChainSequence to develop a 12-part masterclass educational video series to advise individuals responsible for supply chain planning within organizations. This series launched concurrently with the Future of Supply Chain campaign, expanding on topics from the interview while sharing essential guidance on other challenges, including combatting the “Hero Syndrome” and establishing more pragmatic approaches in product design.

About ChainSequence, Inc.

Headquartered in Chicago, Global Supply Chain expert ChainSequence® Inc. offers a fresh perspective toward re-engineering outdated supply chain methodologies and resolving persistent challenges in S&OP planning, to measurably improve the integration of supply chain processes with sales and operations goals. ChainSequence’s twenty-plus years of experience focuses on leading full life-cycle initiatives from planning and designing to implementing more advanced business processes, based on each client’s custom needs. ChainSequence’s progressive, knowledge-share approach is designed to give businesses the forward-thinking tools and training to better compete and effectively respond to ever-shifting supply chain requirements, increased client demand, and fluctuating market changes For more information, please visit

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