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December 10, 2019 1:00 PM CT / 11:00 AM PT

If your S&OP program isn’t giving your enterprise the positive results you expected, or you want to better understand how effective S&OP programs are supposed to function, this webinar is for you. Learn the fundamentals of building a truly effective process and discover the data analytics necessary to support S&OP’s purpose – sound decision making.
Leading S&OP authority Bill Mrzlak, President of ChainSequence, Inc. and Data Analytics expert Chris LaCava, VP of Products at Expero, Inc. will walk you through discovering what really matters within your data, aligning stakeholders, diagnosing ongoing issues, and proactively evaluating what-if alternatives to help your business succeed.

What You’ll Learn

Innovation and Strategy Integration – Collect and review internal and external market factors and product roadmaps that could influence the overall plan.

Demand Management – Create an unconstrained consensus demand plan reflecting market demand and internal corporate objectives and financial goals.

Supply Management – Create a supply plan that best supports the unconstrained consensus demand plan.

Operations Alignment – Identify scenarios that close supply plan gaps to unconstrained consensus demand to meet financial goals.

Business Alignment – Final executive review and decision point to release plan to execution.

Webinar Speakers

Bill Mrzlak

Co-Founder, ChainSequence®, Inc.

Bill Mrzlak is co-founder and managing partner of ChainSequence®, Inc., with over 25 years of experience leading teams in driving the development and optimization of best-in-class supply chain planning organizations and processes in the U.S., Europe and Asia. His specialization is in the area of business process re-engineering through facilitated sessions, as well as managing systems development and project deployments.


Chris LaCava

VP of Product, Expero

Chris has spent the past two decades defining, designing and building software for a variety of industry verticals. He has experience as a usability engineer, interaction designer, front-end developer as well as product manager for both consulting and product-oriented organizations. At Expero, Chris applies his multidisciplinary background to solve complex business challenges with solutions grounded in user-centered design.

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