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Chicago, IL- February 21, 2017

Supply Chain and Sales & Operations (S&OP) planning firm ChainSequence, Inc. was selected for inclusion in “Top 10 SCM Solution Providers for 2017” by Manufacturing Tech Insights Magazine, a publication that covers technology innovations and trends in the manufacturing domain.

Manufacturing Tech Insights editorial board made their selections with the support of a panel of readers and researchers comprising CEOs, CIOS, and analysts. ChainSequence was nominated for their innovative offerings that solve customer challenges in creating a true end-to-end business process strategy to reach measurable Supply Chain and S&OP goals. President and spokesperson Bill Mrzlak accepted the award on behalf of ChainSequence, stating, “It’s very rewarding to coach and guide our clients in creating business processes that sustain continuous improvement over time.”

Mrzlak noted that an effective S&OP process is only as good as the foundational Supply Chain functions that support it, including Demand Management, Supply Management, Order Management, and Demand/Supply Alignment. He added, “We work with our clients—shuttling between the S&OP and specific Supply Chain planning processes involved—to build a robust process on both sides of the Supply Chain coin. This results in better visibility and efficiencies across the entire organization.”

ChainSequence is enthusiastic about 2017 and the future overall with rising client demand for best-practice business processes that streamline Supply Chain operations and S&OP programs. “The changing demands of customers in the marketplace, combined with the introduction of new products and tools will drive requirements and scenarios that ChainSequence looks forward to tackling in the future,” Mrzlak said.

About ChainSequence, Inc.
Headquartered in Chicago, Global Supply Chain expert ChainSequence® Inc. offers a fresh perspective toward re-engineering outdated supply chain methodologies and resolving persistent challenges in S&OP planning, to measurably improve the integration of supply chain processes with sales and operations goals. ChainSequence’s twenty-plus years of experience focuses on leading full life-cycle initiatives from planning and designing to implementing more advanced business processes, based on each client’s custom needs. ChainSequence’s progressive, knowledge-share approach is designed to give businesses the forward-thinking tools and training to better compete and effectively respond to ever-shifting supply chain requirements, increased client demand, and fluctuating market changes. For more information, please visit

About Manufacturing Tech Insights
Published from Fremont, California, Manufacturing Tech Insights is a print magazine that explores and understands the plethora of ways adopted by firms to execute the smooth functioning of their businesses. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, IT VPs including Manufacturing Tech Insights editorial board finalized the “Top 10 SCM Solution Providers 2017” in the U.S. and shortlisted the best vendors and consultants.

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