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Chicago, IL- December 9, 2019

ChainSequence®, Inc., a Supply Chain and Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) consulting company, was recognized as one of the “Best Performing SCM Companies in 2019” by CIO Look magazine.

As a business solution magazine, CIOLook focuses on emerging, fastest growing and leading companies covering all the aspects of trending businesses around the world. In selecting ChainSequence, the publication honors the success and contribution ChainSequence has made to the supply chain industry.

CIOLook’s editorial team noted that ChainSequence was among the firms whose traits and competencies set them apart from other predominant leaders, enabling them to contribute value and shape clients’ company culture, while navigating through ambiguity and complexity to take the their client organizations ahead with strategic choices and action. CIOLook added, “This has nudged our editorial team to decide and come out with the special edition “Influential Leaders in Supply Chain 2019” to unfold your success stories around the world through this creative medium.”

About ChainSequence, Inc.
Headquartered in Chicago, Global Supply Chain expert ChainSequence® Inc. offers a fresh perspective toward re-engineering outdated supply chain methodologies and resolving persistent challenges in S&OP planning, to measurably improve the integration of supply chain processes with sales and operations goals. ChainSequence’s twenty-plus years of experience focuses on leading full life-cycle initiatives from planning and designing to implementing more advanced business processes, based on each client’s custom needs. ChainSequence’s progressive, knowledge-share approach is designed to give businesses the forward-thinking tools and training to better compete and effectively respond to ever-shifting supply chain requirements, increased client demand, and fluctuating market changes For more information, please visit

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