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Capacity Modeling Assessment

When the forecast calls for rain…..

Protect against Volatile Business Climates with Our Capacity Modeling Assessment

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Too many organizations either don’t model their capacity, or try to model finite scheduling capacity within their rough-cut model.

The result – capacity shortages occurring when it’s too late to recover, or a model with a level of precision that doesn’t provide value for the level of effort required to constrain a plan over an 18+ month demand horizon.

ChainSequence and Expero have joined forces to offer a rapid-response solution that evaluates key areas of your Supply Chain’s organization’s current capability to model and manage long-term capacity for rough-cut planning. Our team then recommends improvements based on your specific capacity modeling requirements:

  • Current capacity model
  • Integration of the capacity model with end-to-end supply chain planning
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Related systems & data infrastructure
  • Supporting business processes

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  • “Capacity is rarely a constraining issue……until it is, and then it’s a chaotic event”
  • “Rough-cut capacity modeling isn’t accurate enough”
  • “The complexities of manufacturing our products make it difficult to define a reasonably accurate capacity model”

  • “Capacity planning is more reactive than proactive”
  • “Supply commits to our customers are unreliable”
  • “We have advanced planning technology in place, but don’t understand how to configure it to support our own capacity model”
  • “Volatile demand is wreaking havoc on our capacity planning”

Rough-cut Capacity Modeling Can be Complicated

  • Many diverse product lines
  • Shared capacities across multiple product lines
  • Complex product structures
  • Multi-sourced locations
  • Potential constraints in tools, labor, warehousing, and distribution

These can make capacity modeling challenging, but not impossible –
The key word is “Rough-cut”; Reasonably accurate vs. precisely wrong

Benefits of our Capacity Modeling Assessment

  • Discover key strengths and weakness of your current process
  • Evaluate usability and effectiveness of your current capacity modeling
  • Improve consistency of current process with future vision of policies and procedures
  • Recommend enhancements for a more proactive model with higher supply reliability
  • Propose visualization/representation of your organization’s capacity model

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Whether you have a capacity model in place, or none at all, the ChainSequence and Expero Team can help. Contact us today to start your capacity modeling assessment and stay ahead of the storm!

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