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Capacity Modeling Assessment

When the forecast calls for rain…..

Protect against Volatile Business Climates with Our Capacity Modeling Assessment

Too many organizations either don’t model their capacity, or try to model finite scheduling capacity within their rough-cut model.

The result – capacity shortages occurring when it’s too late to recover, or a model with a level of precision that doesn’t provide value for the level of effort required to constrain a plan over an 18+ month demand horizon.

ChainSequence and Expero have joined forces to offer a rapid-response solution that evaluates key areas of your Supply Chain’s organization’s current capability to model and manage long-term capacity for rough-cut planning. Our team then recommends improvements based on your specific capacity modeling requirements:

  • Current capacity model
  • Integration of the capacity model with end-to-end supply chain planning
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Related systems & data infrastructure
  • Supporting business processes

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  • “Capacity is rarely a constraining issue……until it is, and then it’s a chaotic event”
  • “Rough-cut capacity modeling isn’t accurate enough”
  • “The complexities of manufacturing our products make it difficult to define a reasonably accurate capacity model”

  • “Capacity planning is more reactive than proactive”
  • “Supply commits to our customers are unreliable”
  • “We have advanced planning technology in place, but don’t understand how to configure it to support our own capacity model”
  • “Volatile demand is wreaking havoc on our capacity planning”

Rough-cut Capacity Modeling Can be Complicated

  • Many diverse product lines
  • Shared capacities across multiple product lines
  • Complex product structures
  • Multi-sourced locations
  • Potential constraints in tools, labor, warehousing, and distribution

These can make capacity modeling challenging, but not impossible –
The key word is “Rough-cut”; Reasonably accurate vs. precisely wrong

Benefits of our Capacity Modeling Assessment

  • Discover key strengths and weakness of your current process
  • Evaluate usability and effectiveness of your current capacity modeling
  • Improve consistency of current process with future vision of policies and procedures
  • Recommend enhancements for a more proactive model with higher supply reliability
  • Propose visualization/representation of your organization’s capacity model

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