Global Supply Chain Planning and S&OP Consultants

Our Mission

Committed to helping enterprises identify challenges, create innovative solutions, and implement lasting improvements in Supply Chain processes to advance Sales & Operations goals.


Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain networks are more complex and challenging than ever before. Our Core Supply Chain Services create a true “end-to-end” business strategy to
reach measurable goals.

Our comprehensive supply chain planning consulting services go way above and beyond typical cookie-cutter solutions, leveraging proven expertise and over twenty years of experience in planning, designing, and implementing more advanced business processes that measurably improve our client organizations’ ability to integrate supply chain processes with sales and operations goals.

Before your teams can bring in software systems to provide decision support and speed up to a better process, ChainSequence supply chain planning consultants help your business build and provide potential software systems vendors a clear set of rules and direction to ensure that your corporate goals and financial objectives will be achieved.

Supply Chain Consulting Services

S&OP Planning

While some form of traditional supply chain planning exists in all organizations, in many cases these processes focus only on the short-term execution horizon. A robust, disciplined Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) or Integrated Business Planning (IBP) can provide an invaluable “wellness check” on your operational and organizational health.

ChainSequence’s S&OP planning consulting services work in concert with traditional supply chain planning practices, complementing these processes with additional data-centric tools and financial information that allows your business to gain insights and measure progress to help maintain focus, alignment and synchronization among all of your business units.

Our S&OP planning consultants utilize diagnostics that incorporate data-driven analytics and forecasting tools to achieve a more beneficial, long term strategic view.

S&OP Consulting Services